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Free yourself from Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety,  and Depression.

I myself suffered panic attacks and PTSD from childhood. So many of us at some point in life experience overwhelm, stress, or panic. And it's NOT your fault! STOP gaslighting yourself and start to love and accept all parts of yourself. This is the journey i want to take you on.








How it works,

6 sessions one hour each of

- Breathwork

- Power of Intention

- Acupressure

- Meditation & Guided Imagery


- Daily Reset Protocol training to short circuit the stress response and regulate the nervous system

- Self-care protocol - suggested supplements for anxiety, monkey mind, stress, depression

- Releasing uncertainty & Shock

- Feeling self-acceptance & releasing fear

- Feeling self-compassion & releasing grief

- Feeling forgiveness & releasing anger

- Toolkit for overcoming anxiety & depression

I adapted my doctoral research project during the pandemic in 2021 to support those suffering from anxiety, the statistics showed that so many people that already suffered emotional instability were struggling even more so due to the global pandemic. I was inspired by my own experiences, my dad was having panic attacks whilst on the ICU with COVID-19, and the anxiety levels were rising with my family and clients, it was palpable. I wanted to create something simple, easy to use, easy to follow, and easy implement to bring maximum relief.It was a success! All participants that took part in the Anxiety Rescue reduced their symptoms of mild, moderate, and severe to normal range after just 6 weeks. 

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Let’s Work Together

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Get in touch with me so we can start working together 1:1. or you can go at your own pace with the discounted online program.

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Access and download right away my multidimensional online healing transmissions and courses here.

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