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Quantum Inner Child Healing

Do you have difficulty in relationships?
Do you suffer emotional overwhelm? anxiety or depression?

Inner Child healing is a therapeutic approach that helps release unresolved emotions in the body-mind and quantum.


When we experience adverse experiences as children and young adults this can have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being. Studies have shown that experiencing stress and trauma as children can lead to more mental and physical illness. We also experience epigenetic trauma passed down through our family lineage that may be affecting us in the here and now.


This may be the right therapy for you, if are experiencing challenging emotions such as Rejection, Unworthiness, Shame, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Lost, Unlovable, among others. If you have been in or currently in a toxic relationship. 


These unresolved emotions from the past affect us in the here and now as we are quantum in nature those effects are still happening in that timeline. When a subtle or big traumatic event happens, which can also include misunderstandings, then that part of our psyche gets left behind at that moment in time stuck at that moment time.


Things that may have affected us as children and young adults were dysfunctional family relationships, emotionally unavailable caregivers, violence, even witnessing it, emotional abuse, humiliating or rejecting a child, sexual abuse, neglect, parents who were mentally or physically ill, or addicts. Medical trauma, natural disasters, financial insecurity, and everything in between trauma is very unique to the individual and how the experience was felt in that moment or even afterward.




Our psyche is also our energetic and quantum body interrelated to our emotional body, these fragmented parts of ourselves scattered in time can be reunited with you in the here and now. This creates more feelings of wholeness and vitality. Unresolved emotions are the driving force for the challenges you are facing in the here and now, so by facing the past and releasing the emotional charge in those memories we can feel stronger in current day-today life and relationships..


For this healing, I blend different techniques and combine them to help you access and overcome negative patterns, beliefs, and cycles that may be holding you back in life, and nurture the inner child.


The process can include:


  • Breathwork for nervous system regulation to begin

  • Pinpointing challenging emotions and events

  • Guided Hypnotic process to slip into deep theta ready to go into the past 

  • Deepening into hypnosis through quantum creativity and absorption

  • Accessing the inner child

  • Quantum/Energy healing for the inner child and future self

  • Matrix reimprinting

  • Reframing past experiences while acknowledging and validating the emotions that the inner child and future self has, allowing full expression of the inner child, this may involve talking, shouting, screaming, tears, or any other form of expression appropriate it may also be subtle and shifted through the vital body system.

  • IEMT: Integral eye movement therapy to reduce the emotional charge within certain memories, you may not even be aware of these memories and the feelings linked to them until we explore the subconcious

  • Trauma release exercises

  • Reintegration of the inner child into the adult self through age progression

  • Rewiring the brain for more self-compassion through hypnosis

It is important to understand this creates a more positive and full life doing this work and it takes courage to heal from the past, this is a process that can take time and require ongoing support. 

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