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Energy Healing For Children

Empowering children to harness their own natural healing powers through imagination.

Ease stress, Manage Anxiety, Feel Empowered!

The book is available to buy globally through Amazon. 

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This book has been designed as a manual to introduce Energy Healing to children and their guides. Ease stress, anxiety, manage emotions, and feel empowered. Plus there are fun engaging activities with each meditation.


This book is a useful tool for parents, caregivers, teachers, or professionals to guide children 0-12+ yrs and beyond. By giving children tools to recognize their imbalances and mindful practices to heal themselves.

Part 1: Breathing, Connection, and Acupressure.

Part 2: Meditation Energy Activations and Activities.


For infants: parents can practice these healing relaxation techniques during milk time, storytime, bedtime, naptime, relaxation, and healing, or as part of a mindfulness exercise.

For older children: they can explore on their own and start by using breathing, with a connection prayer, and then guided imagery.

For any age: heal the inner child, co-regulation helps guides manage stress and model mindfulness for younger ones.

The book is currently being used by schools, parents, and caregivers, also mindfulness and yoga teachers giving workshops.

Read more about why I wrote this book and what it's about here.

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Work with me

- 1:1 with children online or in person doing Energy healing, teaching tools and techniques for nervous system regulation and coaching sessions.

- Group workshops teaching Energy Healing for Children

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