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Feel More Self-Compassion
Experience More Self-Love
Build Resilience
Relieve Fatigue, Anxiety or Depression
Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

The proven way to accept yourself and free yourself from suffering.

We are only 5% conscious thought, the other 95% of our subconscious programs run in the background with hurt parts of ourselves talking. Trying to protect us, but ultimately does more damage.

The medicine to counter this is more self-love, validation, and kindness…. more self-compassion! 

I thought self-compassion was something you did like therapy or yoga, I didn't realise it was something you did in the moment. I was so integrated with my inner critic I couldn't tell us apart. I thought that that 'hurt, abused, abandoned... fill in the blank...' part me me was actually me. That is not who we are, we are divine sovereign beings. And that part of me just needs compassion, kindness, and to step down and allow my inner compassionate voice to override it.

I will guide you through a step program to activate your inner compassionate self in 4 one hour sessions.

- Learn what self-compassion is and what it is not! You'll be surprised.

- Three simple steps to becoming kinder with ourselves even when we struggle. Especially when we struggle!

- How to identify the inner critic 

- Understand who the inner critic really is and what motivates that aspect of us

- Activate your inner compassionate voice

How will we do this?

- Nervous System Regulation

- Hypnotic Self-Compassion sessions + audio

- Self-love & Self-compassion focussed Quantum Medicine

- Simple mind-body techniques

- Guided journaling exercises 

- Energy Activations 

Let’s Work Together

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