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Purple Stars

The Aura is an extension of the physical body and many toxins effect the energy structure

Is Aura Healing for you?

You will experience more clarity, more energy, and more positivity.  If you have been experiencing an influx of negative thoughts or have been feeling “off” then this healing is for you.

Feeling low, weak, lack of motivation or out of control can be signs that your aura may need some attention.

What effects the Aura

- Trauma

- Stress

- Environmental Toxins

- Drugs (pharmaceutical & others)

- Smoking

- Alcohol

- Sugar

- Caffeine

- Spicy food

- Negative thoughts and emotions

- Prolonged negativity anxiety and depression

How it works

Firstly any holes in the auric field will be repaired.

Secondly an Energy Balancing to bring more light and balance into the field.

As our protective barrier, the aura accepts and reflects frequencies both positive and negative.  This healing begins to fill the aura with light.  

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