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1:1 In Person

Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit Reconnection

Life Activation

Ancient Powerful Ritual in the lineage of King Soloman to activate the 22 strand DNA structure with light consciousness.


This ritual aligns you with your organic blueprint, purpose, and why you are here. Includes Energy balancing and a brief reading.

Kinesiology & Acupressure

Acupressure and Auriculotherapy with conscious touch on the reflex points in the ears and body enable more freedom in the energy flow. Kinesiology and CPTG Essential Oils allow for emotional unblocking and releasing.


Soul Touch Massage may also be used for deep healing. This is an Esalen Conscious Massage combined with Aromatouch and Energy Healing.

Energy Healing

Nervous System Regulation

Energy attunements in the electromagnetic field and meridian systems to enhance body and mind connection and healing. Powerfully soothes anxiety, emotional shock or trauma, with relaxation and restoration. Hypnotic brain training to rewire healthier patterns of thinking, feeling, and believing.

Nutritional Support

Red Light Therapy

Biofeedback in the body through muscle testing for emotional, electrical, nutritional, or structural issues.

Targeted focus on nutritional, supplemental, support through diagnostic testing Gut microbiome.

With nutritional and mineral suggestions based on tests.

Depending on symptoms and diagnostics we can create healthy intuitive nutritional programs.

Crystal Healing

Crystals work with our physical body to raise our vibration and promote healing at a cellular level.


Different crystals handed down to me are placed on specific parts of the body with certain activating chants.


Healing frequencies of quartz crystal pyramids, bowls, and chimes integrate the energies and allow for deep healing to penetrate the energy centres, body & mind.

Quantum Healing

Let me guide you on your spiritual path through Quantum Healing cleanses and clears your energy structure, removing negative energies, entities, reversals or implants from the energetic structure. Cord-cutting and uploading new data to the Akashic records.

This can also include Quantum Inner Child Healing.

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