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Long Haul COVID Recovery

I have experienced the debilitating effects of Long Haul COVID myself and this was my catalyst to research extensively and educate myself on the post-COVID viral syndrome. Read more about my story here. 

If you still have symptoms 12 weeks after the initial infection you are considered to have Long Haul COVID. This can feel very isolating, even though it's estimated 35%+ of infected patients go on to develop Long Haul COVID. You may have got the all-clear on the basic blood tests and thorax and cranium scans and with your medical Dr and now feel confused or lost?

Symptoms of persistent COVID are many to name a few: Fatigue, Memory impairment, Brain fog, Wide-spread body pain, Breathlessness, Headaches, Nausea, Dizziness, Digestive issues, Neurological symptoms such as pins and needles in the arms and hands, Chills, Tremors, Fever, Confusion, Sore throat, Persistent Cough, Depersonalisation, Anxiety, Depression. 

My updated Long Haul COVID story 10 months out.

What having a chronic illness taught me my 18 month update here.

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I will create a personalised and affordbale plan to support you in your Long Haul COVID-19 recovery.

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