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Confessions of a COVID Long Hauler

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It's estimated 35%-50% of people who contract COVID-19 develop long term symptoms. If symptoms persist after 12 weeks after infection you are considered to have persistent COVID (Long Haul COVID).

Imagine the infection rate is approx. 244 million, 35%-50% of 244million, that's a pandemic now in itself, and most of us are not receiving any support or care. Some of us are being gaslit by the medical community, colleagues, friends or family. With so much shame and stigma around continued symptoms especially fatigue.

Being a woman, having a highly demanding role, or athlete, and no doubt your genetics, all plays a role in how your body handles the disease. I noticed one other commonality in the Long COVID FB groups (where there are tens of thousands of people).

Some say they contracted COVID just after fighting off another infection or illness. I personally was in a neck brace getting over a contracted neck with a UTI and taking antibiotics. I had also finished my PhD research paper weeks before. It was certainly a shock to my system getting COVID. (See the YouTube link at the bottom of my page for the misconceptions around Long Covid). Research now evidences the gut flora plays a crucial role in how your body deals with the COVID infection. If I was taking antibiotics I would have been wiping out friendly gut bacteria before the COVID infection.

I contracted COVID in July 2021. The first 3 days were rough but I was still able to do basic stuff. I even worked a bit on my laptop to take my mind off the confinement. The strange symptoms started with intense head pain, strange taste in my mouth. By day 4/5 the fever was soaring to 38.9c+. I had chills and endless ache and fatigue. I couldn't move and became bed-bound. I was unable to even speak to ask for water.

The virus itself felt like nothing else I'd ever experienced. It felt so synthetic the feeling and the taste of COVID is something i will never forget, the out of body experience was disturbing but i was too exhausted to do anything. I felt like my soul was being torn away from my body. My nervous system became very disreguated quickly. Which I was already prone to due to childhood stress.

My main symptoms include the following which i had during the infection and still experience waves of until now.

High fever 39c Chills Trembling Extreme fatigue Wide spread body pain Nausea Gastrointestinal pain Headache (extreme pressure behind the eyes) Light sensitivity (I stayed in the dark in bed throughout the infection) Vertigo Loss of taste smell Neurological issues such as pins and needles and numb arms and hands Swollen glands Sore throat Dry mouth

Extreme hair loss (telogen effluvium)

Around this point my partner took me to hospital. My oxygen levels were 93% with a high fever, and tachacardya, the hospital gave me oxygen and broke my fever and I was grateful to go there for respite. They scanned my lungs to make sure I didn't have pneumonia and checked my blood. I went home and continued with the same symptoms day 8/9 peaking with the worse symptoms. I had orthostatic tachacardya issues when my partner tried to take me to hospital again I was on the floor. Again the hospital scanned my lungs. But my lungs were fine. I had dyspnea (breathlessness) but that was due to organ fatigue. My body was fighting hard but it took every energy reserve I had.

Day 15 the doctor called again, luckily they were in touch by phone keeping track of me. They told me to stop controlling the fever and if it goes high again it means I'm entering the next phase of the infection and I would need to be in hospital then. Luckily day 15 the fever broke, I was able to sit up and eat a soup, I felt relieved, I'd beaten this damn virus finally! Although dry mouth, headache, and fatigue still persisted.

I had been the first contact for my dad in ICU Dec 2020 - Jan 2021. He had two full time ICU nurses just to take care of him. I watched the nurses through their iPad whilst my dad fought for his life and what a toll that took on him. My auntie died in the same hospital with COVID just a few months earlier. The front line doctors, nurses and consultants are amazing. They saved my dad's life multiple times during his stay there. I felt so lucky I had a 'mild' COVID case and dealt with it mostly at home.

I was still weak it took weeks to be able to move around again but I thought I was fully recovered. Around this time I lost my 13 year old dog and it was the 'back to school' rush. I noticed after a busy week I crashed... I was bed-bound again in early September! I didn't understand. I knew about long haul COVID and Post Viral Malaise, so I started to research. I prayed I was in the acute stage of recovery and this wouldn't be long haul COVID. Surprising and random symptoms included: - Smelling smoke all the time - Satsumas smelling like poop mixed with satsuma - Bad smells in general not being as prominent as before, I had a really keen sense of smell before COVID now it has diminished slightly or changed.

Fast forward to October and I'm still going through the crash cycle again. I had learnt early on that I needed to pace but still finding that new reserve limit was tough im a very active physical and mental person.

Although as a Dr in natural medicine I have some useful resources available to me such as mindfulness, breathing, meditation, being self-compassionate, and running genetic testing, lab work and supplementing where I'm missing micro nutrients, amino acids, etc. I'm working on a protocol to structure my recovery and to help other Long Haulers manage their symptoms too.

Pin pointing your triggers and managing your environment is a big part of recovery. Daily relaxation activities, be conscious of what you consume, diet, emotions, work, stress. This all plays a huge role in the rehabilitation and adaptation of your body-mind post COVID.

For me the triggers that can induce a crash are: - Pushing through fatigue - Stress - Alcohol

Not pushing through the fatigue is not as easy when you live in a foreign country and have a 2 year old. But becoming more aware of it and making simple adaptations helps. Like sitting and doing crafting activities at home instead of long walks in the park if I feel fatigued. Ordering shopping online, or asking my partner to help if I think the supermarket or shopping centre may be overwhelming. Asking my partner to help me by giving me rest breaks.

I work with energy, and receiving remote healing from other practitioners helped me to clean my energy field and clear corrupted beliefs from childhood. This has helped me immensely feel more at peace with myself and love myself more even when i'm bed bound or struggling, as well as bring more vitality back.

I've been lucky enough to be living in Barcelona, and able to access medical care regularly and easily. I did two thorax x-rays, thorax and cranium CT scans, all showing no alterations. I did the blood work and other tests with my Dr and neurologist. And was diagnosed with Long Haul COVID fibromyalgia. Honestly, the feedback was disappointing and lacking to say the least. I was offered a stream of different drugs to treat fibromyalgia, basically anti-depressants and anti-anxiety and pain medication. Which were not useful to me at all.

It's no surprise that according to my genetic data I am high risk for fatigue, pain, inflammatory conditions such as gut and joints. Perhaps the stress of the viral infection had triggered these gene expressions. Nevertheless, as a Quantum Doctor i'm confident I can reprogram the cells and genetic data through direction of energy intention, diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

I have the double MTHFR (rs1801131) GG genotype mutation which 7% of the population have. This means the methylation detox pathways in my body are not as well equipped to detox my body. I'm currently supporting my recovery with:

This is what works for me for you it may be something different depending on your history, symptoms, labs, and genetics.

Pilates once per week Pacing Staying hydrated 3L per day Electrolytes Probiotics Magnesium NAD Full spectrum vitamins and minerals Amino acid complex Melatonin CBD

*I muscle test each time before taking supplements to se if my body is in alignment and i really need them.

I did check for histamine intolerence because i suspect MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) and autonomic nervous system disregulation. However, the deficit for DAO test came back negative, DAO is the enzyme that helps break down histamine along with cofactors copper, B6, and Vit C, histamine causes inflammation in the body. Eating low inflammatory and gut healing foods are beneficial for me.

I am working with clients to help them with their Long Haul COVID recovery and its debilitating effects.

I believe in a 100% recovery! I can Quantum Leap into healing fully from this Virus. I know that will involve effort and adaptation on my part, as well as help and support from other health care professionals.

If you are suffering with LC too keep faith and hope that things will get easier and my DM's are open to support you.

This is an interesting watch this on the misconceptions around Long COVID.

This is a really interesting watch for those suffering with Long COVID.
This work is based on the system has disfunction not damage which is good news it means we can all recover 100% through addressed oxydation and depletion and clearing pathways..

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Dr. Rebecca Ann DNM, PhD

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