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Quantum Healing

Multidimensional Healings & Activations

online or in-person

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit Sovereignty 

Cord Cutting 

Lightbody Avatar Upgrades

Reunify your Energetics

Organic Template Installations


Lightbody Atunements

Connect with the 5D Crystalline Earth grid and the galactic energies. Connect with your starseed families. Building architecture using coded living light, plasma, initiated tools and anchoring intention.

DNA Light Activations 

Activate through harmonic resonance the 12 strand diamond sun solar DNA frequencies. Light code transmissions infusing your DNA structure to release epigenetic trauma and encode conciousness.

Hieros Gamos

Sacred reunification of the divine masculine and divine feminine aspects within all of us. Restore the holy mother and holy father principles.

Soul Integration & Cord Cutting

Reclaim soul fragmentation and integrate multidimensional parts of yourself. Bring back more of yourself. Feel whole and connected. Vital force energy returned to the energetics and physical body.

Implant & Reversal Removals

Healing trauma in the field and the lightbody avatar by removing implants, reversal energies, entities, contracts, agreements, that do not uphold your sovereignty.  Identify and remove distortions from the field.

15 Chakras Online

Unseal, unlock, and Unblock the 15 chakra system connect and download this upgraded system through the energetics of the body and antiparticle energy centres.

What Clients Say

Gradient Strip

Sofia Teliz

With every session i feel more aligned with myself, my desires, feelings, presence. I feel more calm guided by Rebecca. You know when you are with her she is giving you her full attention and present state. 100% recommend her!

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