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Crystals resonate with the silica in your body to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing

Crystal Magick

Crystals work with our physical body to raise our vibration and promote healing at a cellular level.  Not only do crystals have the power to heal the physical body, when placed on specific places of the body with sacred chants, crystals can heal the deepest parts of our spirit, mind and soul. 


This healing comes from an ancient lineage and can help with:

  • Emotional Healing

  • Mind

  • Physical Body

  • Internal Problems

  • Pure Mind

  • Libido

  • Empowerment

  • Time Enhancement

  • Space Reversal (Mental Health, Anxiety/Depression)

Crystal Rites

Magickal, healing chants come from the ancient text of Fangoria and the Middle Earth Chronicles. 

Crystal Rites to help with

Healing Old Wounds (Healing for past life issues, past traumas or hurts)

Healing New Wounds (Healing recent traumas or hurts)

Good Fortune

(Bringing forth abundance and blessings)

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