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Chakra Balancing
Reconnect with yourself and align with more flow

Chakra Alignment

Tune up and harmonise the main energy centre system. Correcting and upgrading, making sure all vortex's of light are spinning in accordance with the natural law of one.

Deep Relaxation

Nervous system regulation and deep restorative rejuvenation. Tools and techniques given to use in-between sessions.


Clear away shock, pain, suffering, trauma from the energy centres. Remove reversal energies. Open up to holding more light through higher heart chamber.


Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and other herbal medicines.

15 Chakra System

Plug in, unseal, open, and connect to the full 15 chakra system. Including the antiparticle chakras outside of your body in your Quantum lightbody avatar.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation activations to cleanse and clear the chakra systems. 

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