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1:1 Online

Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit Reconnection
Connect with your higherself and multidimensionality
Working with your own innate wisdom



Let me guide you on your spiritual path through Quantum Healing clearings through your energy structure, removing negative energies, entities, reversals, or any implants from the energetic structure.

Cord-cutting and uploading new data to the Akashic records.

Sovereign declaration and connecting you with your Starseed families.

Energy Healing

I am sending Ensofic Ray, Plasma Light and Reiki through the Quantum field to heal disturbances in the emotional, physical,  mental, or soul bodies.

12 strand Harmonic solar DNA Activation. Infusing more consciousness and light into the physical and subtle energy bodies.

I create crystal grids and energy portals to continue to send you or a situation Energy Healing for 21 days.

Quantum Health Coaching & IEMT

Let me support you in shifting from survival to thriving in extreme times through health and emotional coaching. 

Hypnotic brain retraining and programming for healthier habits, and beliefs,  living life with more vitality, and overcoming self-sabotaging and epigenetic programs.

IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy for rapid change work for unresolved past memories and anticipatory thoughts on the future.

Nutritional Support

I will teach you biofeedback in the body through muscle testing for emotional, electrical, nutritional, or structural issues. 

Targeted focus on nutritional, supplemental, support through functional home test test kits for Gut microbiome, Hormones, Metabolisim, Sport, DNA Health.

With nutritional and mineral suggestions based on tests.

Depending on symptoms and tests we can create healthy intuitive nutritional programs

Nervous System Regulation

We will train the Central Nervous system through the mind-body technology to reset from stressful events and not get stuck in flight, freeze, fawn, o flight mode.

We will utilise neuroscience techniques as well as simple mind-body tools such as NLP, acupressure and somatic targeted different breathing techniques.

Quantum Inner Child Healing

Stop looping painful cycles in relationships and with yourself. Tracing through the field we locate core wounding imprints and send energy healing to these points in time and beyond.


Nurturing the inner child with what he/she really needs and bringing greater awareness, new levels of consciousness and perspective, and quantum shifts in healing.

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