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Feel more self-compassion
Experience more self-love
Build Resilience
Relieve fatigue, anxiety, or depression
Eliminate the negative self-talk


I will guide you through a step program to activate your inner compassionate self in 4 one hour sessions.

- Learn what self-compassion is and what it is not! You'll be surprised.

- Three simple steps to becoming kinder with ourselves even when we struggle. Especially when we struggle!

- How to identify the inner critic 

- Understand who the inner critic really is and what motivates that aspect of us

- Activate your inner compassionate voice

How will we do this?

- Nervous System Regulation

- Hypnotic Self-Compassion sessions + audio

- Self-love & Self-compassion focussed Quantum Medicine

- Simple mind-body techniques

- Guided journaling exercises 

- Energy Activations 

Activate Your Inner Compassionate Self

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