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I Published My First Book! Energy Healing For Children

I was inspired in 2019 whilst feeding my baby son to create magickal quantum healing stories that we could both journey on. Of course, he was just a baby but I knew his consciousness was there absorbing everything and listening.

The Rainbow Tones, Magic Rocket Boots, and the Dragon Guardian were our favourite's, so I noted them down thinking they would be a good resource for me to have. I decided to share some of these Energy Activation Meditations with some of my little clients and they were a hit.

Whilst writing this book I was also in the process of completing my doctoral thesis where I'd created the Anxiety Rescue Method , for people dealing with stress during the pandemic. I adapted the method for children and incorporated the Energy Activation Meditations to create this book.

The idea was to create this book as a handy resource for parents, caregivers, professionals, and of course Children! Foremost for myself and my clients, being a mindful mama and Dr in Natural Medicine practicing Quantum Healing I couldn't find any other resources out there that could already introduce Energy Healing to my son without any dogma.

The book has two parts:

92 pages in total with 50+ activities

0-12yrs and beyond

Part 1

With over 20 Breathing, Connection (Prayer or Afirmation) and Acupressure (Magic Buttons) exercises.

This includes how to activate yourself to send healing energy to yourself and others.

Plus Anger/ Frustration Energy Release exercises to help manage emotions.

Part 2

There are 12 Energy Activation Meditations

This section also includes fun and engaging activities to complement the meditations.

Each of the sections has been beautifully illustrated by Adelya Artamonova.

You can find the book worldwide on Kindle or Paperback on Amazon Global.

This book is not only for children it's also for the inner child!

Special thanks to the book cover designer Juraj Mihalik and technical support Lilla Tamas.

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