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EZ Water: You are a liquid crystal

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

If you haven't read it already I highly recommend the book, The Fourth Phase of Water, written by Dr. Gerald Pollack, which discusses the properties and behavior of water. The book introduces the concept of "EZ Water" (exclusion zone), a distinct phase of water with unique physical and chemical properties, such as a negative charge and the ability to exclude solutes. This structured water plays an important role in many biological processes, including cellular communication and energy production. EZ water plays a role in promoting health by enhancing cellular communication and supporting various biological processes.

What is EZ Water?

  • EZ water is a type of structured water that exists in a gel-like state around the cells, tissues, and organs, particularly in abundance in the connective tissue and collagen.

  • EZ water is Quantum in nature with the ability to store and transmit energy.

  • EZ water plays a huge role in biological functions and cell signaling.

  • EZ water has similar properties to liquid crystals, this is the liquid crystalline phase of water.

  • EZ water has a high degree of order and can exhibit orientational order in response to external stimuli, such as electromagnetic fields.

  • EZ water arises from the fact that it exhibits coherence, a property that is typically associated with quantum systems. Coherence refers to the ability of particles or systems to maintain a state of order and synchronization, even in the absence of external stimuli.

  • EZ water acts as a mediator of intercellular communication, by transmitting signals between cells and tissues.

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EZ (Exclusion Zone) water is a distinct phase of water that has a unique molecular structure compared to bulk water. It is comprised of a network of water molecules arranged in a hexagonal lattice-like structure, with each water molecule being connected to its neighboring water molecules through hydrogen bonds. This structure creates a negatively charged region of water, which excludes solutes and impurities, leading to a higher degree of purity compared to bulk water.

EZ water also contains fewer hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) compared to bulk water, which makes it more alkaline. Additionally, EZ water has been found to have a higher density and viscosity than bulk water, which may contribute to its unique properties.

EZ (Exclusion Zone) water can include various types of solutes, including silica, depending on the surrounding environment and conditions. In fact, some researchers have found that silica particles can help to create EZ water, as the negatively charged surface of silica particles can attract and organise water molecules into the hexagonal lattice-like structure characteristic of EZ water.

Liquid crystals have a very ordered molecular structure while retaining the fluidity of water. You are a liquid crystal receiving information through your body's quantum liquid crystalline communication highways. This is how we respond to the world in real time. You are a liquid crystal interacting with many fields of information at once.

Liquid crystals interact with other frequencies like the Torus field (electromagnetic field), sound, light (biophotons), heat, and pressure. Liquid crystals can store and emit frequencies.

Influencing water for health.

EZ water may help to improve hydration and the transport of nutrients and waste products within cells, which is essential for maintaining proper cellular function. Additionally, some studies suggest that EZ water may have antioxidant properties, which could help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

The ability of EZ water to exclude solutes may help to prevent the buildup of toxins and waste products in the body, which could contribute to various health conditions.

EZ (Exclusion Zone) water has been observed in various tissues and organs throughout the body. Studies have shown that EZ water can be found in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, as well as in the basement membrane of cells.

Opening up the detox pathways in the body can also support EZ Water, to find out how to do that read more here.

Cellular hydration for health.

The facia in the body is a super quantum highway; therefore, chronic cellular dehydration reduces communication within the cellular function of connective tissue. Here are some underrated and impactful things you can do to increase hydration and communication in your cellular matrix:

  1. 3L/day of filtered structured water

  2. Sunlight: 20 mins of sunlight without sunscreen through the body and eyes a day

  3. Sauna

  4. Red light therapy

  5. Somatic therapy

  6. Connect with nature and grounding frequencies

  7. Physical touch and movement

  8. Reduce artificial light and chemicals, impurities, and toxins

Want to learn more about how to improve the EZ Water in your body book a biohacking consultation with me.

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