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My name is Dr Rebecca (Ph.D) 

I help people struggling with Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Burnout, and Chronic Illness, by optimising mental and physical health through quantum medicine techniques, biohacking, functional testing, nutrigenetics, energy healing and nervous system regulation.

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Experience the transformative process of accessing your true essence and multidimensionality with me.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet determined to overcome feelings of stress, and anxiety?

Are you struggling with symptoms of chronic symptoms or illness but determined to recover and feel more vital, and healthier?

Are you feeling powerless and disengaged with life? Do you want to feel empowered, authentic, whole, confident and vital?

Why People Choose Rebecca

  • Vast depth of knowledge in all areas of health. 

  • Holistic Approach connecting the mind, body, soul, and spirit to the bigger picture of living a healthy balanced, and optimised life.  

  • Sustainable results, empowering you with effective tools and resources. Using evidence based results such as functional tests, implementing simple protocols alongside intuitive healing sessions and coaching. 

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Healing can feel overwhelming, the truth is most people don't know where to start... 

Let me guide you on your healing journey to understand what is best for you and what will serve you, in your life, right now. What therapy or functional tests will support you in the challenges or symptoms you are currently facing, and how you can optimise your mental and physical potential. 

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Explore the collection online

Access and download right away my multidimensional online healing transmissions and courses here.

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Rebecca Ann
Dr. Natural Medicine

WhatsApp: +34 665 596 269

C. Pelai 12
Barcelona 08001

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