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Quantum Self Mastery

A 10 Step Multidimensional Healing
Energetic & Emotional Mastery

What to expect

  • Learn the principles of Quantum Medicine

  • Receive Quantum Healing Energy Activations

  • Heal from deep-rooted trauma 

  • Help release anxiety, depression, and PTSD

  • Starseed nourishment

  • Spirit-Soul-Body-Mind Alignment

  • Access your flow and vitality

  • Quantum Physics Epigenetics

  • Learn the alchemy of healing

  • Emotional Balance

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Wire the brain

  • Heart-Brain Coherence

  • QI energy charge

  • Breathwork

  • Re-code the genetics away from subconscious limiting beliefs

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Course Curiculum

Module 1

Nervous System Regulation.

Quantum mind-body techniques.

Grounding & Connecting to the 5D Crystalline Earth Grid. DNA Activation and regulation of the cells in the body which are listening and waiting for instructions. Start the process of re-programming of limiting core beliefs. 

Module 2

Plug in fully the 15 chakra system.

Learn where and how to source your energy from. 

Unseal and wire the complete pathways for the full 15 chakras system to be flowing in alignment, including antiparticle chakras. Heaven on Earth Activation. Protect from others trying to siphon your energy.

Module 3

Higher Heart Activation and Sacred Heart Chamber Recalibration.

Feel the true power of self-compassion.  

Releasing sadness and pain from the heart. The Heart renewal process through the crystallisation of the heart and tender holy awareness. Accessing the higher heart chamber's wisdom and your multidimensionality through the diamond crystal heart.

Module 4

Throat Portal Recalibration.

Feel worthy to receive.

Release the throat portal from fear, shame, or guilt, as you open to being a clear conduit to your heart's truth. Access your power to speak your truth. Connect with your guides. Your willpower is your superpower and how to direct it for magic. 

Module 5

Heart-Brain Coherence.

Abundance codes.

Get ready to transform your life by transforming your perception and opening to the truth about abundance, and prepare to always be supported. Stepping away from PTSD and trauma responses and becoming the compassionate witness of yourself and cultivating faith.

Module 6

Cellular Rejuvenation.

Accessing your power to re-program the cells and rejuvenate the body. Overcome and release chronic illness, stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD locked in at a cellular level. By bringing the conscious mind to the biology of the body.

Balancing the elements in your body and the importance of nourishing your physical body to anchor more of your higher self. Embodying more of your divine essence and multidimensionality.

Module 7

New Blueprints for Health and Healing.

Installing and downloading these codes into our electromagnetic and Quantum Fields which download through the meridian and chakra system into the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Changing your blueprints for gene expression of health. Flipping the current health model. Consciousness affects matter not the other way around. 

Module 8

Hieros Gamos Template.

Finding peace in relationships.

Heal from the wounded masculine and feminine aspects within us all. Releasing old programs and epigenetic generational trauma. Connect with a deeper essence of yourself and your relationships bringing more authenticity. Hieros Gamos balances the masculine and feminine anchoring the divine union within and elevating your king and queen.

Module 9

Vision Template Activation.

Accessing your higher self and seat of intuition. How to trust yourself and understand the fundamentals around inner vision. Removal of reversal energies, implants, hexes of curses. How to recognize your true self vs negative ego.

Module 10

Embody your Higher Self

Merging with your higher self and why that's so important right now. Re-claiming your sovereignty. Christ consciousness activation. Mind-body-soul-spirit integration and alignment. 

Available for RSVP

Includes full access to the recordings for life

About Rebecca


Rebecca is a Dr in Natural Medicine who has dedicated the last 10 years to studying and applying Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing techniques. Her mission is to reduce stress and anxiety, and support

people to learn self-healing techniques through Energy Healing and other Quantum Medicine approaches.


Originally from the U.K, Rebecca has been living in Barcelona, Spain since 2007. Rebecca completed her degree programs in Quantum Health Coaching, Neurofeedback Biofeedback, and Brain mapping. A Bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences, Masters, and PhD in Natural Medicine with Quantum University. In 2020-21, she focussed her research for her doctoral thesis PhD, in response to the stress caused by the pandemic: A Quantum Approach to Treating Stress Anxiety and Depression during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The outcome demonstrated that simple mind-body techniques and Energy Healing reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression in all participants. 


Rebecca’s passion for miraculous healing is founded in quantum physics, with a fundamental belief in Quantum Leaps in healing through accessing consciousness to affect the mind, body, soul, and spirit for complete health. Rebecca has supported hundreds of clients over the years through these processes.

Rebecca is also the author of the book Energy Healing For Children: A Simple Guide. Empowering Children to access their own innate natural healing powers.

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