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I use a complex of supplements on a daily basis and most people nowadays understand the importance of supplementation in line with a healthy organic diet. We just don't get the vital nutrients we need anymore from food alone. Even if you're eating organic varied diets, it's just not possible anymore.  This is all due to the degradation of the food chain, depletion of the soils vital vitamins and minerals and constant bombardment of chemicals and endocrine disrupters in our environment and processed packaged mono-farmed foods.

The effect of nutrition on brain and body development, behaviour, resistance to infection, stress and environment is absolutely important and should not be underestimated. Stressed bodies and minds need much more nutrients! And ensuring you are consuming sufficient amino acids, enzymes and vitamins and minerals should be i think one of the subjects we should be teaching our children.

Continued depletion of the bodies reserves can lead to immune disfunction (chrons, fibromyalgia etc) degenerative diseases, depression and anxiety. More and more studies are showing that arthritis, dementia and parkingsons etc are also related to nutrient deficiencies throughout life.

Amino Acids are imperative for body and brain function B6 and magnesium are co factors and need to be present for the amino acid to function.

Enzymes are destroyed when food is processed or cooked, these enzymes are important for proper digestion.

Vitamins & Minerals are absolutely vital for health.

Most supermarket multivitamins are made from the processing of wood or petrolium! Yes! Petrolium. That is why i only use whole food derived complex multivitamins, minerals antioxidants and oils. A complex is a healthy way to dose not just high does of certain vitamins which can end up depleting others, as they work synergistically. They work together just as we should be looking at health as a whole system.

I also pay attention to and supplement with Electrolytes, Magnesium Gel and ProBiotics, they also support me as a busy working mum and help keep energy levels up and stress levels down.

Are you paying attention to you digestion?

At least 70% of our immunity is based on gut health. Chronic stress and poor diet with lots of processed packaged food, sugars, microwaved food (enzyme deficient) can cause overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria, yeast and parasites in the body. Leaky gut is when unfriendly bacteria feed on undigested food that has passed through the intestinal walls, when normally they should not. This creates toxins in the blood and immune disfunction and disease. Also painkillers and antibiotics when used in excess can also cause Leaky Gut Syndrome. 

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes are so vital for overall physical and mental health. My passion is to help people switch from surviving to thriving.

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