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What Is Quantum Healing?

Updated: May 13, 2023

Everything is energy and subtle energy exists around the body and inside the body, we have the vital body that runs energy through the meridians and energy centres in the body, and the light body avatar which plugs into the vital body. In Quantum Healing sessions I work on the light-body mostly, which affects the vital, physical, mental and emotional bodies.

For those that know me you know I love supporting people through Quantum Leaps in healing.

Working in the field means we can remove, clean, clear, rebuild and upgrade the light-body. This can feel very soothing and relieving it may also result in purging.

Working with the living light of the one true source and holy masculine and feminine aspects I activate through harmonic light, intention and multidimensional awareness.

Each healthy cell of our body emits photons (aka Light) by DNA, disease is an altered emission of photons. Inside and outside of our body consists of energy. Photons jumping in and around the body encircling an individual and counter photons may be jumping outside is known as quantum entanglement or quantum tunneling. (Shrihari, 2017)

What can I expect from a Quantum Healing session?

  • Light-body attunements re-coding with living light and essence to claim authority and soul sovereignty.

  • Removal of poverty curses, hexes, black magic, or other energetic interferences or generational curses. Trauma implants & reversal removals.

  • 15 Chakra system activation.

  • Building architecture and templates, utilizing intention, plasma light, light language, and initiated tools to remove distortions from the field.

  • Abundance & other template activations.

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