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Test Don't Guess: Functional Tests For Optimal Health

Functional genomic tests can be extremely useful in understanding who we are, how we function, and how to optimise physical and mental health. This is at the forefront of holistic health.

Why test?

Each body is unique. That's why personalised functional healthcare helps us address the individual and also prevent future dis-ease. Healthcare which also helps people live well and enjoy life. I help people implement lifestyle, nutritional and supplemental routines based on the their test results. My aim is to support people who want to feel better in general. We may be looking at specific symptoms, digestive issues, chronic illness, hormone imbalance. Many of my clients are high achievers and want to optmise their health to do better in sport, have a healthier and happier relationships with their body and those around them.

Laboratory tests reveal who we really are - physically unique individuals, the sum of numerous biochemical systems. The study of these systems grants us perspective into how we live and how we feel. To know your body is to know your self. With this knowledge we can make informed decisions on how to alter our habits to better our lives.

As a Practitioner at Nordic Labs and Biomesight I have access to over 100 lab tests. Using the latest technology of genetic sequencing, genomics is a personalised way of testing. Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology joined efforts to create DNA Life, a set of state-of-the-art genetic tests specialising in general health, nutrition, and fitness potential.

Biomesight IS AND AI-driven platform of the gut microbiome, using mRNA sequencing to identify gut microbes.

How does it work?

The home test kits are non-invasive and they are sent to your home for you to collect the samples at your own convenience and send them off or be collected to go to the lab. Depending on the specific test these may include;

  • Saliva

  • Urine

  • Stool

  • Blood spot

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