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With the dizzying ‘to-do’ list and never ending messages coming through on the phone it’s no

wonder our systems are on high alert all of the time. And for many busy women nowadays 'having It all’ often leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Our hormones are a very delicate orchestra and can be disrupted by a number of triggers, stress being a major one. And more and more women are finding that they are confused by their hormones, bodies and emotions.

The pillars of success when it comes to chronic stress are; Nutrition/Supplementation, Exercise, Stress Management, Reducing your Toxic Burden and Self Care Rituals.

There are many ways we can show ourselves some compassion and TLC but I will focus here on a few basic rituals you can try to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Morning ritual

The ’stress’ hormone cortisol is at it peek just 30 minutes after waking up. So it’s important to take your time in the morning.

- Don't reach for your phone give yourself some time.

- Meditate – start with just 2 minutes then over time increase

- Drink a pint of water – this will help flush the cortisol from the liver

- If you are brave a cold shower – this can help build resilience and increase immunity

- Eat a healthy balanced breakfast with fiber and protein

- Tune into your emotions how do you feel today and what is your intention

Track your cycle

It’s so easy nowadays if you want to just use an App then you can track your cycle and plan and schedule around the different phases. You can adapt your diet, your social life and your work engagements to suits your cycle and when you’ll be feeling more inclined to do certain activities.

Take deep belly breaths throughout the day

This may seem very simple but it’s so effective! It will bring you back into your body and give your mind the chance to connect with your body and release the ‘fight or flight’.

No screen time after 8pm

Limiting the time you stay connected will already decrease stress and anxiety levels. The blue light that screens emit also messes with our hormones and in we are less able to sleep as the pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin is inhibited by light.

Go to bed Early

Take a hot bath or shower and wrap yourself in your favourite PJ’s, light a candle or dim the lights. Massage your favourite oil into your skin and take some time to go slowly and prepare yourself for a restorative sleep. You can even try yoga nidra in bed or a guided meditation to help you re-connect with yourself and relax.

These are very simple rituals but they can have a big effect if you can achieve them daily.

And remember self care is not selfish. If you are not taking care of yourself you cannot take care of others.

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