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Quantum Health: Biohacks For Sleep

My top hacks for sleeping have been an accumulation of a lifetime of learning and experiencing sleeplessness myself, and listening to the main complaint of many of my clients, SLEEPLESS nights!

One of the foundational pieces in Quantum Health coaching for me is Light, Sleep, and Water. These are the basics so often forgotten but when we optimise them, it can be life-changing, it certainly was for me in recovery from chronic illness. We evolved throughout our history with light, we have light receptors throughout our body, and light modulates and regulates the tasks our body performs every day.



Protect from Junk Light


Sleep Rituals



Good sleep starts with natural light in the morning. Many people are receiving too much non-native light sources and not enough full-spectrum light. If you can sky gaze outside at sunrise, this will set your body clock for the day it gives your body a strong time-keeping strategy, so the cellular tasks can be appropriately organised so you get the right hormones at the right time. It doesn't matter if it's cloudy or clear your eyes will pull in the full spectrum of light. It doesn't matter what time you wake up get the sunlight through the eyes as soon as you can, not through a window because the glass will block the frequencies your eyes need to pull in.

I use the Circadian App to know what time the sunrise is and when UVA and UVB light are available, for example, UVA is usually available an hour after sunrise. Getting this natural light through the eyes and the skin is what drives hormone regulation in the body which is important for adequate sleep at night time. Morning light needs to be maximised for all of us to feel vital and healthy.

Serotonin > Tryptophan > Melatonin


This is that non-native light I was speaking about from screens and lights. Non-native light doesn't have all the colours of the rainbow within it, and because of this it causes hormone disruption when we are overexposed to it. Open your windows if you can to let in the full spectrum of light into your home. This switches on key pathways in the brain to not only prepare for sleep that night but to optimise your potential for health. Avoid fluorescent lights and overhead lighting at night, I like warm soft low-level lighting after sunset. You can protect yourself using blue light-blocking glasses, see my product recommendations on where to find them. I use Orange blue light blockers in the day and red coloured lens' for the evening.


You can ground by touching your bare skin to the earth or any living plant whose roots connect to the earth, or natural stones. This is important to discharge positive ions and recharge at the same time. Studies have found that grounding reduces night-time levels of cortisol which can inhibit people's sleep. Light and being connected and grounded resynchronises cortisol hormone secretion more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm.


Whatever that looks like to you! Everyone's sleep rituals are unique to them. These are some that I've trained my body to receive the following sleep signals, and it works!

  • Low lighting

  • Essential Oils

  • Reading

  • No phone (I leave my phone in the kitchen throughout the night)

  • Red Light

  • Candles

  • Sleep Mask


Sleep is a foundation needed for your body and mind to be healthy if you are really struggling with sleep supplements may help to support regulation.

MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE relaxes the muscles in the body and supports regular sleep patterns.

GABA helps the body and mind relax and fall asleep. Low GABA which is a natural neurotransmitter was linked to insomnia. *This supplement can interact with other medicine so consult your health care provider for dosage.

MELATONIN can help you fall asleep easier and promote a longer nights sleep.

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