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Natural vs Allopathic Medicine?

Firstly lets put aside the polarised thinking of natural or quantum medicine versus allopathic medicine. Both are necessary and they compliment each other for complete holistic health.

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind”
Dr Bruce Lipton

The human body is made up of both energy and matter, from the atomic to the molecular; the human being and all of its systems are in a constant state of flux creating resonance. Resonance is fundamental to Energy Medicine and human health and wellbeing; yet, it requires allopathic medicine to merge quantum physics principles with the biochemical.

As Dr Paul Drouin points out “To incorporate modalities of healing that require an

acknowledgement of subtle energies that exist and cause effects beyond what the linear model of biology, chemistry and conventional physics shows us” (Drouin, 2014).

Dr. Yuri Kronn explains, “Subtle energy acts in and belongs to the world of subatomic particles, and therefore might represent a range of what modern science calls ‘dark energy’. Thus, subtle energy may be active in 96% of the universe, while electromagnetic energy acts only in 4% of it.” (Kronn, 2015).

Investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart reveals, in her book The Field, countless

studies proving that the mind and body are not separate from their environment and that we are all connected through ‘The Field’. This Quantum Sea of light is energy, whereby force can influence objects at a distance. In this same way participants in the study are connected through ‘The Field’.

In a Quantum Worldview people are no longer reduced to parts, humans are whole living energy system of intelligence. Since the turn of the 20th century our understanding of the nature of reality has been evolving from Classical Newtonian Physics to a Quantum Worldview thanks to the work of Niels Bohr, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein the founding fathers of Quantum Theory. This offers new solutions in almost every aspect of life and Quantum Physics has revolutionised the way we see our universe and ourselves. It is through this Quantum lens that humans must be treated as whole individuals who are complex and multifaceted, and have multiple influencing factors to their healing, rather than separate, isolated

symptoms that need ‘fixing’.

Bridging the work of biology and physics since the 1980’s Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has

developed a theory for the subtle energy that organizes structures, shapes and systems within biology. Morphic fields are blueprints for form and behaviour, in which local subtle life forms draw upon, because they are vibratory patterns that interact with electromagnetic and quantum fields. Morphogenetic fields hold the instructions given as information to physical, mental, supramental, and vital bodies this action exists outside the physical laws of space-time and therefore it is non-local.

When consciousness simultaneously collapses the possibility waves of the physical body and the vital body, the physical makes a representation of the vital blueprint to carry out the vital function of the relevant morphogenetic field in the physical world. So organs are representations of vital body blueprints of various morphogenetic fields. It is well known that there are places in the physical body where we tend to feel vital energy more easily. These are called the chakra points (Goswami, 2011).

In Quantum Medicine the whole individual is addressed so that mind-body healing

can change through Quantum Creativity. This is done by evaluating the emotional, mental, vital, and physical elements of the individual as well as factoring in the environment, the person’s history, family, and support network. The Quantum Doctor sees the whole individual, with the possibility of miraculous healing being anchored through greater meaning; surrendering to a higher power.

A Quantum Leap in healing occurs when the client applies a new context and meaning from the supramental body; Quantum Creativity requires a new level of thinking, being, and consciousness. “Things in themselves are always neutral, it is our perception which makes them appear positive or negative” (Epictetus). Dr. Paul Drouin states that “In Quantum Medicine, the Quantum Doctor has to facilitate the transcendence of the ego-character to the emergence of the Quantum Self, tuning with the true quantum self within (divine), bring down the full representation of the supramental in the physical (DNA)” (Douin, 2010).

The characteristics of Quantum Medicine:

• The client is able to fully express feelings, emotions, and insights, with time given

by the practitioner.

• The client does not hand over power to the practitioner and plays an active role in

their responsibility to health.

• The whole individual is addressed at the body, mind, soul, and spirit level through

various types of analysis and therapy.

• Promotes activating healing energy within the client through compassionate

inquiry, non-judgmental unconditional love.

• Personalized health care administered based on the specific needs of that person

through a multidisciplinary approach.

• Maintenance and prevention of illness and disease is addressed through accessing

the subtle bodies, along with nutrition, stress reduction, self-care, and emotional


• Releasing old traumas that may be holding the client back from healing.

• The belief in Quantum Leaps in healing.

The Quantum Doctor aims to empower individuals to ‘heal thyself’ and find within

themselves the will to overcome illness and distress; Empowerment over disempowerment. Within the current medical model ‘patients’ hand over their power to doctors and therefore are not empowered to ‘heal thyself’. This new approach to medicine requires both traditional allopathic medicine and quantum medicine to work together for body, mind, spirit, and soul health and wellbeing. There is no polarization; it is not necessary to pick a side. Simply put, It is about unity without separation in terms of both the body-mind and the allopathic and Quantum Medicine.

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