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There is a bombardment of toxins in our environment on a level never seen before.

We are dealing with so much all of the time, our energy structures are under stress just as our bodies are.

Stress and prolonged negative thoughts and emotions is a big one, we are under a tremendous strain due to our nervous systems and coping mechanisms not being designed for modern day living. The amount of information we consume through technology, not to mention the pandemic and ever unfolding news stories being broadcast 24/7 through our news feeds. Its hard to process all of this overwhelming information through our physical and subtle bodies.

Environmental toxins and pollution are at an unprecedented level. We are now exposed to over 70,000 toxins on a daily bases. This does not includes the GMO pesticides and drugs used in food production. Plus the energy field has to deal with all of the other EMF it interacts with every moment.

Smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine, Drugs including pharmaceutical can all cause damage to our Auric field.

Aura Healing can strengthen the immune system and bring energy and vitality back to you. Bringing you back into balance and create more vibrancy.

Aura Healing helps to heal trauma, abuse, low energy, and much more. It is helpful in the recovery process from substance abuse. Aura healing seals cracks, tears, and holes in the energy field, leaving you feeling more intact, whole, and in integrity with yourself. It produces deep relaxation, and enhances personal clarity and a healthier sense of relationship boundaries.

If you'd like to talk to me about Aura Healing to see if it's right for you. Go ahead and drop me a message.

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