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A healthy Immune System and Optimum Health is as important as ever, especially during the unfolding global pandemic.

There are various pillars of Health. Exercise, Meditation, Diet and Positive thinking are very important pillars to maintain a healthy body and mind. Here are some other supplements and healthy habits, to support your immune function and feel healthy.

Good Foundation For Optimum Health

Vitamin D3/K2 Helps fight off invading bacteria and viruses

Lipsomal (ascorbic) Vitamin C Strengthens immune defense against pathogens

B-Complex Important for the brain, nervous system and immune system

Fermented veggies or Probiotics Keeps the diverse and healthy bacteria flourishing

Zinc if needed Is known to balance the immune system, reduce inflammation, and help guard against viral infections

Curcumin Anti-inflammatory

Every year I have a theme, for example last year was ease and grace. This year the theme I picked for my year ahead was RESILIENCE, and I had no idea as to what extent mine and the rest of the worlds resilience would be tested!

Ok, so building resilience takes training. We are ALL being called and challenged to build our resilience.

How am I building my resilience?

Deep belly breathing. I'm focussing on the Wim Hoff technique at the moment but deep breaths into the belly will bring the fight or flight responses down.

Essential Oil rescue blends. My ultimate for calming my nervous system is Vetiver & Serenity.

Cold therapy. Cold showers build resilience enduring the cold water increases white blood cell production which boosts immunity. And mentally you see how you can endure. Find out more from Wim Hoff (The Iceman).

Exercise. For me that means yoga stretching.

Immune boosting supplements as listed above

I am here to help you navigate through this testing time.

You can contact me and ask about my free services during the pandemic.

Stay safe and well.

Love Rebecca

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