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Everyone can learn to direct their focus and overcome symptoms of ADHD

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Attention and the capacity to focus varies on so many levels and it differs for different people. Obviously right! we are all unique and have unique life experiences... but there are commonalities. There are genetic factors involved but also there are techniques that we can utilise to regulate the attention system.

The dysregulation of the attention systems or coordination between the different systems can result in attention difficulties or negative impacts on mental health, in daily life, work, or relationships.

Types and systems of attention:

- Hyper focussed (laser focus) incredible ability to focus on things that make you excited or curious.

- Wide range broad perceptive attention (alert system) 'what's important right now', sensory information coming in through the nervous system.

- Executive control system which manages reactions and behaviors to align with the current goals, shifts perspective and goal-orientated activities.

So what does it look like to live with dysregulation in these systems:

- Struggle to attend to things that you're not interested in/mundane tasks

- Impulsive

- Highly sensitive to the environment, can present as feeling overwhelmed

- Unable to relax, sit calmly, fidget a lot

- Excessive talking

- Easily distracted

- Procrastination

I've noticed that this commonly coincides with nervous system dysregulation. Active brain training, and nervous system calming therapeutics or activities can positively impact the outcomes and this has been well documented and researched too.

Becoming aware of our mind-body and bringing more consciousness into our being, embodying the training of more focus and direction of energy can show great results. I noticed this through my own journey which I'll mention more below. Active training brings you back to yourself, so you can focus on, who you are, where you are at, and what you're doing to reach your chosen goals. That's why EVERYONE benefits from mindfulness training.

My own story with ADHD

I was never officially diagnosed with ADHD typically girls and women are less likely to be diagnosed or it can be overlooked, as the symptoms present themselves sometimes differently. The symptoms are more mental and girls are less likely to be verbal or aggressive. Girls I find are also good at masking, at least think this was my case too. I also didn't get diagnosed when I clearly had dyspraxia, dyslexia, anxiety, and night terrors. All of which I also overcame which I'll tell you all about another time.

Some of the symptoms of ADHD in girls can be daydreaming a lot, excessive talking, or withdrawn, forgetful, highly sensitive to noise, smells, environment in general, seems shy or easily upset, trouble completing tasks. People may say she seems, 'spaced out', 'over-emotional', 'sensitive'.

There is an interesting link between early childhood trauma and ADHD symptoms find out more about the links between early childhood trauma and chronic illness here.

I noticed after practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and energy healing in my late teens I gained more control over my mind and my attention. I was able to put my mind to tasks I didn't think would have been possible when i was school. It took time, years, and practice but I got better and better at managing my impulsiveness, trouble focussing, and feeling withdrawn.

I noticed the more I could direct my focus and attention the easier it was for me to relax, and reduce symptoms of ADHD as well.

I noticed with the return of stressful life events then the return of the symptoms of ADHD would also pop up. For me it's key to have nervous system regulation and to regularly check in with my mind and body and see where I am at. Then it's the empowerment through the connection with my higher-self that I can anchor the motivation to direct my energy and focus towards my goals.

Mindfulness for children is also super important thats why I wrote a guide book for myself, my son, and all children. It's the book I wish I'd had when i was a child with Breathing, Acupressure, and Creative fun Energy Activation Meditations.

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