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Global events have been heating up in recent years and are now at an all time high in terms of intensity. My belief is that we are all going though a collective dark night of the soul and a huge shift in consciousness is happening.

We have come from some pretty intense 'dark ages' and these collective traumas are still with us, in our carbon based DNA. We are being triggered into PTSD and most people are in survival mode right now, confused and worried. And it's no surprise..

Remember, as well as being a divine sovereign being you are also a human being, and it's ok to have all of those feelings that come with that, the full spectrum of human emotions. It's not all love n' light.

Here are 6 ways that may help you (or a loved one) combat overwhelm:

HEALTHY BOUNDARIES Say no, without guilt. Be straight forward and direct so that you clearly communicate your boundaries. You can deliver a no with kindness and confidence. Often when we overcommit or give to much, we ware ourselves too thin.

EXPRESS YOURSELF Journal your feelings and get out what you feel inside. It's important to express yourself or how to you feel even if you do with with a pen and paper. Is there anything left unsaid that you need to get out?

LIMIT ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SUGAR, CAFFEINE they can trigger anxiety and increase traumatic experiences even though we think we are helping quell the pain using substances, it actually creates a negative feedback loop which only exasperates the situation.

ASK FOR HELP Asking for help used to be something i struggled with a lot. It took a few dark nights of the soul for me to grasp that one. A problem shared is often halved in your mind. Un burden yourself by reaching out to a family member, friend or professional. Tell them whats going on and don't be afraid to ask for help.

MAKE A LIST This always works for me. By simply writing a list it helps reduce anxiety and get out of the head all of those 'to do's'. Without the endless thoughts of things to get done swimming around in the head, you create more mental space.

MEDITATION This is fundamental for creating coherence in the brain. Surrendering to sophia/god/source/creator whatever terminology you use. Handing over anxiety and cultivating faith is a great tool for not feeling overwhelmed.

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