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Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you?

Are you ready to manifest your intentions for the New Year?

I invite you to do this simple releasing ritual. To bring in new energies we must release the old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and people to start the New Year fresh.

Similar to full/new moon rituals we want to purge things we don't want or need anymore from our lives to make room for the new.

You will need:




Burning bowl

Step 1

Prepare your sacred space by energetically setting your intention and light a candle. If you work with an altar, set your altar. If you want to create one you can use any symbols, oils, talismans or tools you might use and have the representation of the elements on your altar, for example: a candle for fire, incense or feather for air, cup of water or a shell for the element water and a stone or crystal to represent mother earth. If you don't have an altar you can still perform this ritual. Tune in and connect with yourself; you might want to do a meditation here to really ground and focus inwards.

Step 2

Make a list of all the things that no longer serve you that you do not want to bring forward with you into the New Year, these can be emotions, people, habits, work or personal; it can be anything you want to 'release'. Title the letter 'things to release' and be honest about what you want to let go of.

Step 3

Burn the letter 'things to release' in the bowl and meditate, watch the flames and declare, 'I release my past to the universe, and so mote it be'.

Step 4

Make a list of things that you would like to manifest and bring into your life for the New Year. You can title this list 'things to manifest' and here fill the page with your intentions and hopes. Again it can be emotions you want to feel, people you'd like to meet, circumstances you'd like to change or experience, goals you'd like to reach. You can fold the paper inwards 4 times and place on your altar under a crystal, or crystal grid if you know how to set one.

May all hearts souls and spirits be illuminated in 2019 and always.

New Year Blessings and Love to you all


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