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Healing Powers of Crystal Bowls

'Everything is vibration' quoted famously by Albert Einstein everything in the universe is vibrating at it's own frequency, including our own bodies. Our bodies, too, are crystalline in structure. When working with crystals, there may be profound effects on the organs, tissues, and cells, as well as the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic systems. And sometimes our frequency can shift into incoherence and disharmony for many reasons and the Crystals can help restore harmony.

How does it work?

Crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifying, and transmitting pure tone. This is why pure silicon crystal is used in all of our most advanced telecommunication systems.

The resonance travels through a persons energy field, bones, blood, tissues, organs, and meridian system bringing coherence and healing.

The binaural sounds of the crystal bowls entrain the brain wave frequencies to enter an Alpha state, which is where the mind is in a concentrated relaxed trance like state. It is this brain wave frequency that allows for re-programming un-wanted old patterns and behaviours and create new neural pathways.

Crystal is able to maintain the balance of electromagnetic energies between the north and south poles. It is extremely accurate and consequently the foundation of timekeeping systems in all our contemporary watches is quartz crystal. The same electromagnetic field exists within all life forms.

Clear quartz integrates the balance our own electromagnetic energies.

"A Crystal Bowl experience is a deeper state of not only relaxation but consciousness and the ability to connect and awaken your own inner healer"

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