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Do Crystals Really Work?

There is no doubt that crystals are very special and the ancients knew it too! They play an integral part of holistic healing and wellbeing, and now science has caught up and we can understand how this works.

Crystals are millions of years old, forged in the early years of our planet. One of the most orderly structures in nature they respond to inputs of different energies around them, leading them to oscillate and emit vibrational energy frequencies.


Disease happens when the energy is not flowing or is out of balance, crystals are used in healing sessions using natural resonance to interfere with a patients energy field and return it back to a healthy vibrational frequency to encourage peace, health and healing.

It's believed that crystals have been used in ancient civilisations as far back as Atlantis in which the crystals supplied all the power needed. Crystals have also always been associated with royalty and adorned their crowns and jewellery.

Since the 1950's silicon from crystals such as quartz, agate and amethyst has been the core of computing and other electronic devices. Information is stored in the computers silicon chip via electricity, Nobel prize winning scientist and researcher for IBM Marcel Vogel reasoned that, like electricity, thought is a form of energy, which is given direction by our attention. And therefore crystals can be programmed without electricity which is a technique I use myself like many other holistic healers. Vogel has made many experiments to prove his quantum theories.

Each crystal has it's own unique structure and vibrates at it's own frequency which can be measured by infrared and Raman Spectroscopy, some have a narrow spectrum and some have a great range. Crystals and stones carry the entire light spectrum thats available to us, from the low frequencies needed for body work to the higher frequencies needed for spiritual work.



This is a rabbit hole! I could talk for hours about all the different crystals, but here we can look at just a

few, of course the main one is Quartz and then the family of quartz such as Amethyst which owes it's beautiful violet colour to iron/manganese properties. And Rose quartz often contains traces of titanium, iron, manganese which causes it's pink hue.

Besides many other varieties properties and forms, there is the most precious of stone of them all the diamond which is for me a very special crystal and also named 'the buddha stone' extremely durable this light crystal emits all the colours of the spectrum to such a high vibration, and to think it started life as a lump of coal(possibly)! all those millions of years ago.

I will go into detail at some point in another blog about how to use crystals and look after them!

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