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Reiki for stress reduction and wellbeing

Reiki (REI - KI) originates from Japan and is an ancient healing technique whereby the therapist channels Reiki energy which is known as life force energy to the patient through their hands by lightly touching the patient. This subtle energy has a higher intelligence of it's own and goes directly where it's needed and the practitioner simply holds the space for this phenomena. This is a non-invasive and valued healing technique replacing illness with wellness and nourishing the body and organs with life force (KI) energy.

Promoting healing and reducing stress and anxiety as well as alleviating mental and physical pain. I have experienced this myself and have witnessed the healing effects in many of my patients over the years.

When life force (KI) is low for example when we are ill or suffering with stress, Reiki can be very beneficial in replenishing life force, as well as releasing old stagnant energy from the body. Mostly after a session the feeling is very light and relaxed, it also can be very heavy each experience is different.

I like to combine Reiki and Crystals, Essential Oils and Acupressure(pressure points in the body) /Auriculotherapy (pressure points in the ears). These healing techniques are all subtle and compliment each other in moving the energy around the body and restoring wellness.

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