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The Massage of the Soul: Californian Massage

Often referred to as the 'Massage of the Soul' Californian Massage is a sensual and relaxing experience incorporating rhythmic movements and traditions from Thai, Hawaiian & Swedish massage with a conscious touch in the hands.


Created near San Francisco in the early 70's combining many different massage and healing techniques, focussing on liberation of the body, expression of emotions, balance and wellbeing. This massage is also considered a meditation and the origin of this perspective is the belief that the healing source lies within each person and can be activated through presence and attention.

How it works?

The client is naked (or with underwear) and the practitioner uses long rhythmic strokes which form the basis of Californian Massage, with a combination of gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature, delicate cranial balancing and the precision point work.


This restorative bodywork leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a sense of harmony, this massage is designed to promote physical, mental and spiritual integration.

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